Can't Write? Here are 4 ways you can still be a productive blogger.

Can’t Write? – 4 Ways You Can Still Be A Productive Blogger

Can’t Write? – 4 Ways You Can Still Be A Productive Blogger

Hey there. I’m taking a slight detour from my usual content today. You see, I’m finding myself in a bit of a conundrum. I have been struggling the last few weeks, and what I thought would be a very temporary setback doesn’t seem to be getting better. My problem: I can’t write.

Ok, that probably isn’t the best way to describe what is going on.

I can write. I have been publishing a weekly blog post right here on this blog every week for the last 6 months or so.

That is until last week.

Last week was the first week in 6 months that I didn’t publish a weekly blog post.

And I can’t tell you exactly why, except that I can’t write, which is very frustrating.

It’s not because I am struggling with writer’s block. I have pages of topic ideas.

Heck, I even have outlines and some research done for what will be 2 kick-ass blog posts shortly. If I ever get them written.

But, lately, it seems that every time I sit down to write, the words just won’t come.

Well, words come, but they aren’t the words I want.

When the words I want don’t come, I get frustrated.

And I am easily distracted.

I can’t seem to focus on writing.

Even writing posts with tips to help you focus and what bloggers need to focus on hasn’t helped me get over this hump. I haven’t even been able to follow my own advice.

So, what’s going on?

Well, I have a couple of theories.

Personal Stuff

A few years ago, I started reading up on personal development. Studying personal development has been life-changing. My mindset, old beliefs, ideas I have/had about certain things needed to need to change. I began to do some internal work on myself.

When I started blogging, I realized that there was still more work for me; this wasn’t a journey exclusive to learning how to blog.

The more internal work I do on myself, the more layers get peeled away, the more I discover that there is even more work to do.

The last couple of months has been especially hard in this area. I become easily distracted as my mind wants to focus on what is happening internally and not on the tasks that I need to get done physically.

Could this be why I can’t write? Maybe.

Add that to everything else in the world right now, and it becomes a definite possibility.

Chaos, Everywhere

I have been trying to stay away from social media as much as possible. Still, it seems that no matter how hard I try, I can’t escape the neverending opinions about current events. I say opinions because who knows what is real and what isn’t anymore.

Why am I bombarded with political propaganda when I go on Twitter to engage with my followers and fellow bloggers? I specifically stay away from such stuff on Twitter and block any political account that Twitter deems worthy of my time. Yet, it is always there. I also find this very frustrating and distracting.

Maybe this is why I can’t write?

My mind is all over the place.

Talk about having a monkey mind!

Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term meaning "unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable".Can't Write? – 4 Ways You Can Still Be A Productive Blogger Click To Tweet

I have this boulder sitting right smack in the middle of my chest to top things off. Oh, it isn’t constant. It isn’t always a boulder either. Sometimes it is only a tiny pebble. Regardless, it lets me know it is there quite often. I know it is from stress, and I am taking steps to deal with it. I am just mentioning it now because I feel like it is a part of the big picture and the reason I can’t write or focus.

Fortunately, as a blogger, writing isn’t the only thing that needs to get done.

So what are some ways I am still being productive in the blogging space, even when I can’t write?

Can’t Write? – Engage

I can’t write blog posts but I can still write comments on blog posts.

I can visit and engage on my favorite blogs, blogs I haven’t seen in a while, and maybe even discover new ones.

Blog hopping is, after all, my favorite part of blogging.

I love reading and commenting on fellow bloggers’ posts.

It is also a key component to establishing a successful blog.

The best part is there is no end to the blogs and blog posts you can engage on.

Can’t Write? – Update Old Blog Posts

I have some blog posts that need to be updated.

Updating old posts is the next step if I don’t get stuff figured out with this writing issue.

It is much easier to update old posts than to come up with fresh content.

I figure that I have at least 5 or 6 old posts that I could update, so that will buy me some time to continue to get things figured out.

Not only will this take some of the pressure off writing fresh content it will also be good for my site’s SEO. I have learned a lot about SEO since I started blogging, so updating some old posts would be helpful in more ways than one.

Can’t Write? – Do General Website Maintenance

This time has been good for doing fiddly website maintenance things that I regularly don’t make time to do. Things such as,

  • Checking and fixing broken backlinks.
  • Downloading a recent backup.
  • Check page speed.
  • Make sure all forms and options are working correctly.

I had one blog post that none of the links worked on for some reason. Not sure what was going on there. I usually check the links before publishing. Anyway, this was an excellent reminder to stay on top of this.

I am still on the hunt for a new social media share plugin but can’t decide what I want to do. I will probably keep the one I have, and they will figure things out, or it will stop working entirely, and I will have to change it.

Can’t Write? – Change Strategies

As I was writing this post, I realized that I hadn’t made a YouTube video in quite some time.

Now maybe a good time to focus on doing more videos.

I sometimes forget that blogging doesn’t have to be written content only. It can also be videos and podcasts.

Making videos may be the way out of the I can’t write rut.

Hmm…Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?

What This Situation Means To Me

Every time we hit a roadblock like this, it provides valuable lessons.

I look at this entire situation as a learning experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Firstly, to learn about myself.

But also to learn how to manage these difficult situations that threaten to derail us personally and professionally.

To learn how to adapt. Take a step back to see what we can do differently to overcome obstacles.

Oh, I am sure there are more lessons to come out of this; I don’t know what they are yet!

In the meantime, while I figure things out, I will be extra kind to myself and everyone else I contact. It doesn’t cost anything, and a little goes a long way. After all, this world could use more kindness right now.

What This Situation Doesn’t Mean

It doesn’t mean I have failed at anything.

Or that I’m not a successful blogger or won’t continue to experience success. I have a couple of things coming up shortly that I am pretty excited about.

It DOES NOT mean that I throw in the towel and walk away from all this. That is plain crazy talk right there, and the thought has never even crossed my mind. I have to keep plugging away until I get through this!


It isn’t about whether or not we will face challenges because we all do; in all areas of our lives.

It’s how we overcome the challenges that matter.

So, if you feel like you hit a brick wall, remember,

  • You must keep going to reach the other side.
  • It won’t last forever.
  • You are experiencing a great learning opportunity, don’t waste it.
  • There are always ways you can be productive.
  • Be kind.
  • Blogging isn’t always about writing.

So, hang in there. You got this!

Spending Much Love and Peace

Thank you so much for being here.

I wish you all love and peace.

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picture of SharlaAnn Matyjanka

SharlaAnn is a blogger who focuses on helping others develop the mindset and skills needed to build successful blogs. She is always up for a challenge and is a determined student of personal development and SEO.

8 thoughts on “Can’t Write? – 4 Ways You Can Still Be A Productive Blogger”

  1. Hi SharlaAnn, I love your suggestions! I do that often when I can’t write, update old content, work on the site or do things like my next online course. Of course, commenting on other blogs helps too. Once you get your writing mojo back you’ll be fine. I also use AI tools for writing and that has helped me a lot when I feel down in the dumps for writing more. It picks me right up and writes better for me 🙂
    We all need a break every now and then to get more creative and regenerate ourselves SharlaAnn 🙂
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…7 Top Tips For Improving Your SEO Results in 2022 and BeyondMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Lisa. There are so many other tasks that get put on hold because I am busy writing so this slump has definitely made me get some of that stuff done. The AI tools really seem to be taking off.
      I think you are on to something, I think I just need a break. I’m thinking of dusting off the old spinning wheel and spinning myself up some yarn. Or finishing a couple of crochet projects or something.
      Also, I will be starting tomato and pepper seeds here in a couple more weeks. That is always good for the soul and should help get me back on track.
      SharlaAnn Matyjanka recently posted…4 Key Areas of Focus For Blogging SuccessMy Profile

      1. Hi SharlaAnn, I do puzzles when I get in a funk and gardening in the summertime. I also try to walk or snowshoe at lunchtime to give myself time in nature. We definitely do need breaks from the computer and always thinking of our blogs, guilty as charged here!
        Nature can do wonders for me. Have you tried that?

        1. Hi Lisa,
          I love nature. Except when it’s -30C (-22F). It has been freezing here this winter. It is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home from November to January. The other weird thing about this winter is we have had an unusual amount of freezing rain. We would get 2-3 weeks of -30; it would warm up to 0C (32F), rain, and plunge back down to -30C again, and most days, you have to factor in the wind chill as well. Walking outside has been hazardous. I almost wiped out in my yard twice this morning.
          I do have snowshoes, though, and the days are getting longer. We also got another 6 inches of light, fluffy snow last night, so maybe I will pull them out this weekend.
          Thanks 🙂

          I guess you could say I am a fair-weather nature lover. Winter is to spend curled up in front of the fire with a good book! LOL
          SharlaAnn Matyjanka recently posted…6 Roadblocks Stopping Your Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  2. Hi SharlaAnn:

    I love that you mention blogging isn’t always about writing because there are so so many other important actions and work that always needs to be done to maintain, upgrade, research, and generally work on your blog, your business, and improvements as you go.

    Many of these things are not necessarily writing-related. And I totally feel you about the stress and distress around the world at large in these traumatic times. Sometimes for me, writing or creating is a way to put my head down and forget about other things. At the same time, as a creative person, emotions and feelings play a role in your ability to create.

    It’s good to be a heart-centered business and creative, but this attitude of love and peace isn’t always shared or felt in the outside world and the digital space expands that tenfold. I just found out you can block political stuff on your LinkedIn feed and I did so as soon as I heard that, too!

    Btw, when I shared this on Twitter, it looks like your Twitter name DID show up on the share so hooray…that worked! Way to go:)

    You do such a nice job with your writing, I can’t wait to see some of the work you do once you get rolling along again! But, don’t fret, it happens to all of us and it will pass… I binge write I think when I’m really feeling it and that gives me a little space for sometimes when I’m not feeling it so much. lol

    Sue-Ann Bubacz recently posted…Your Blog is the Fuel for Content MarketingMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Sue-Ann.

      It’s not that I haven’t been writing at all, just not blog-worthy work. At least not for this blog!

      I don’t spend time on the LinkedIn feed, so I haven’t been getting the politics there, and now that you have mentioned that, I think I will stay away.
      I noticed my Twitter was working, but I don’t know why because I didn’t change anything. SMH

      I think, as Lisa mentioned, I need a break. Away from social media, the internet, day job, everything. Maybe I can find a cave to dwell in for a couple of weeks. LOL

      Until then, I will keep plugging away at what I can.

      Thanks for everything,
      SharlaAnn Matyjanka recently posted…Improve Your Focus With These 5 Simple TipsMy Profile

  3. This is such a good post SharlaAnn because I am in the same peeling process. I am going quite deep. This is the fear manifest as guilt, shame and embarrassment – all accrued during childhood – that has heavily influenced my life and blogging campaign in certain areas.

    However, wading through these fears lets me peel away the layers of mental shackles. Letting go the mind shackles makes the words flow with greater ease. Not a pleasant process but necessary to have predominant piece of mind and to be prolific too.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Do You Make the Mistake of Being Stingy with Your Blogging Talents?My Profile

    1. Hi Ryan,
      I will admit when I started blogging, I expected the writing to be hard. I expected networking and learning all the stuff you have to learn to be hard. I expected gaining the experience and establishing myself as an authority to be hard. What I did not expect was also to be dealing with all my baggage at the same time. After carrying it around with me for so many years, I guess this is what I get. You have to unpack it sometime.

      Definitely not a pleasant process at all, but I can see why it needs to happen. I think it is the main reason people don’t experience the success they dream about. Not just in business or financially but in all areas of their life, they don’t do the work.

      But man, it’s a lot of layers to peel. (I really want to say “It’s a lot of shit to shovel” 🤣 as it seems more fitting somehow. But eh, peeling layers is much more polite.)

      That being said, I can hardly freaking wait to see what’s on the other side!
      It’s going to be FANTASTIC for both of us!

      As always, my friend, thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and your insights always.

      SharlaAnn Matyjanka recently posted…3 Tools That Make Blogging EasierMy Profile

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