tools that make blogging easier

3 Tools That Make Blogging Easier

Blogging takes time. Without the right tools that make blogging easier, it can be grueling. When you write, edit, add images, include links, optimize SEO, publish, share, email, and promote, more time and effort is going into your blog than a beginner may realize.

Fortunately, many tools help streamline the blogging process. They save time, allow growth, and provide additional opportunities to monetize your blog. When used with the essentials you need to start a blog and plugins that offer functionality and personality to your website these tools can take your blog beyond beginner.

tools that make blogging easier

One of the first areas you should look at when considering the growth and monetization of your blog is your email list.

Autoresponder Tools Make Blogging Easier

Your email list is a valuable asset to your blog and necessary for growing and monetizing an online business.

Email is just one more way to connect and engage with your audience. You can provide valuable information, bestow special offers, and gain essential insights from your email lists.

I use AWeber to manage my email lists.

It’s straightforward to use. You won’t spend valuable time learning how to use a new platform, providing more time to focus on important things like writing and content creation.

Build landing pages, opt-ins, send broadcasts, create email sequences, and campaigns easily and quickly with AWeber. AWeber is easy to set up.

The best part is they have a free plan.

Free is great if you are a beginner blogger on a budget or want to try out AWeber and see if it is a good fit for you.

Email isn’t the only way to engage with your audience. How about all those social media platforms?

Social Sharing Tools Make Blogging Easier

Sharing your blog content and sharing blog content from fellow bloggers is a golden rule in blogging.

That said, it is still nice to save time and make life easier in any way possible.

This is where social media sharing tools come to the rescue. There are many options available, but my favorite is MissingLettr.

MissingLettr is an excellent tool for sharing your content by creating campaigns that can run anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months. And thanks to their curate feature, you can share other bloggers’ work and create posts for others to share as well. All conveniently scheduled to post to the linked social profiles you provide.

It takes no time to set up and edit a campaign because MissingLettr imports the essential elements from your latest blog post and makes creating social media posts simple.

I have also come across some fantastic new blogs to follow and have learned some great stuff from browsing the curated library.

While the free version is limited to sharing only on one social profile, I find the least expensive plan covers my current needs, it will save you time, make sharing your content a breeze, and boost your social engagement.

The Solo Plan works perfectly for me.

Overall another great tool that is easy to use will save you time and make blogging easier. 

So you have more time to do productive tasks like writing.

Editing Tools Make Blogging Easier

There are editing tools that make blogging easier and save time.

I make writing easier and save time by using Grammarly.

Grammarly catches all my spelling and grammar errors that would otherwise go unnoticed by me.

They also offer other helpful editing suggestions. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I ignore them, but it is always nice to have options.

Grammarly also sends weekly writing updates. While this has no direct impact on your blog, it’s just fun to see.

The free version of Grammarly provides spell check and basic punctuation, which is sufficient for most people. However, I opted for the premium version during a black Friday deal.

Whichever version you choose will be fine. You will save time, and editing will be easier.


With only so many hours in a day, every blogger needs excellent tools to make blogging easier and save time.

While many tools on the market accomplish this, these are my three go-to tools to help beginners and pro bloggers alike.

They are all budget-friendly and easy to use.

Stop struggling to get everything done manually and employ these simple, easy-to-use tools that will streamline and automate essential parts of your blog today.

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  1. Hi Sharla Ann,
    Yes indeed, tools or plugins really reduce the work hours. missinglttr is an amazing tool which do a lot things while we 😴 🙂
    These 3 tools you mentioned in this post is really with trying.
    Ofcourse Grammarly helps us to fix many of our mistakes in spelling. I am using its free version and it works well with many of my posts.
    Expecting more contents on this line.
    Best Wishes
    ~ Philip

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