3 Desktop Organization Tips for Your Online Business

This post is about organizing your pc desktop. Your computer. Not your office desktop. 

Do you find it takes longer than it should to complete online tasks?

Does reading through multiple blog posts, finding files on your computer, or finding that website you had bookmarked leave you pulling your hair out in frustration?

Maybe organization, or lack of, is to blame.

Lack of organization causes undue stress, frustration and wastes time.

Now before we go any further, I am by no means an organizational guru. Organization is not my strong point. Look in any room in my house and it will be blatantly obvious that I get an “F” in organization.

However I had to get serious about organizing my business. Mainly my desktop. Since that is where the large majority of my business happens I need it to function optimally. With a day job, husband, kids, dogs, the time I have available to work on my blog has to be efficient as possible.

I was really struggling with efficiency in the very beginning. I felt like it would take forever to get anything done whenever I sat down at the computer. Not because I was distracted, I was focusing on the task at hand, but it seemed to take longer than I thought it should.

I thought maybe it was because blogging was something new to me, and I needed to get the feel of it. Learn how everything worked and get use to working online in this manner. After a few weeks it didn’t seem to be any better, and I was starting to think that maybe I was always going to be slow at this.

I didn’t even realize it was an organizational issue until I was sitting on a zoom call one day with my mentor. Glenn asked me to walk him through my blogging process. Basically, what I do when I visit other blogs, commenting, finding new blogs etc.

#1 Organize Your Bookmarks

Well it sure didn’t take him long to point out that if I had my bookmarked pages in folders it would be easier to find the pages I was looking for. I had about 50 bookmarked pages on my bookmarks bar.

I had everything from:

  • recipes I have never made

    an example of bookmarks organized into files
    Organized Bookmarks
  • DIY bug spray
  • WordPress dashboard
  • all the blogs I am following
  • banking
  • websites I buy stuff from
  • craft stuff

A nice long list without rhyme or reason.

It was a mess. One big long messy list.

I soon set to work and and started organizing my bookmarks into folders. It’s much easier to find what I am looking for in there, now that almost everything has been organized into folders.

Once that the first step in my organization process was complete I instantly felt lighter, and like I was already saving time.

But, did you know that organization also includes HOW you complete a task?

Are the steps involved laid out in an organized manner?

For example, lets say you are doing laundry. The steps involved may be:

  • sort clothes
  • add load to washer
  • add laundry soap/fabric softener
  • put clothes in dryer
  • fold clothes
  • put away clothes

This insures that your laundry comes out clean and fresh, in a timely manner. Not following these steps may lead not only to ruined clothes, but also spending more time then necessary doing laundry. Nobody wants that.

FUN FACT: I do not like doing laundry. Folding is the worst!

Therefore this is an important point to keep in mind, especially when doing/learning something new. Are you doing the appropriate steps in the right order, and in an organized and efficient manner?

#2 Your Working Tabs

example of tabs open in a window on a pc


Because, the next thing I discovered was when I clicked on a link in a post, most of the time it would open in the same tab. I would read a post, click on a link in that post, the link would open in the same tab, then I would have to hit the back arrow to get back to the first post. Apparently there are ways to make ALL links open in separate tabs.

I did not know this.

Furthermore, I didn’t even realize that this was part of my problem until Glenn showed me how he does it. I was like “hey wait a minute, how are you getting all those links to open in separate tabs?” By opening links in their own tab I can easily and efficiently go through blog posts without having to constantly back track.

I was not completing this particular task in a very efficient, and organized manner. This one simple organizational function saves me from so much frustration and wasted time.

It streamlines the way I work.

These first 2 points may not seem like much but, they have actually made the time I spend online much more enjoyable. When you can work from a place that is organized, and efficient, without the headache and frustration it just stands to reason that you will enjoy the process that much more.

However,  I still have some work to do.

#3 Saved Files

example of files on a pc desktop
What is that? 226 files from a long time ago?

The last thing I need to work on are my files. I have so much stuff saved on my computer. Like my bookmark bar it is a random mess of all kinds of stuff. I have personal stuff, business stuff, pictures, I even have files saved that are labeled screenshot 2021 03-26 396. I don’t even know what the heck that is, unless I open it. And, there is more than one!

If that isn’t a time waster I don’t know what is.

Who has time to go opening files just to see what they are? I sure don’t. Even though I am clearly going to have to.

It is definitely on this weeks to do list. It is a task I am dreading but one that I know will feel good once it is done. Especially getting rid of the nonsense clutter.

Good bye screenshot 2021 03-26 396.

I will also be organizing all my pictures for my blog. This will save                                                                                         me time down the road. Yay.

It Feels Good

It feels really good to work from a place that is organized. Knowing where to find what I need, and not waste time doing simple tasks feels good. I really can’t believe how efficient I feel when I sit down at my computer to work now.

I actually feel like I am getting into a rhythm where I can sit down at my computer and before I know it I have completed my daily tasks. It was quick, stress free, and I really enjoyed the process.

Having separate folders for business and personal stuff, knowing where to find things, and deleting the stuff you do not need is the key to having an organized desktop.

Having an organized desktop is the key to making life easier, less stress, and saving time when working on your online business.

So if you haven’t gone through and organized your desktop in a while, you may just want to spend some time on that. Clear out anything you no longer need. Organize your bookmarks and files. Take a look at how you complete your tasks. Are you organized and efficient or are there areas for improvement?

The time and frustration you could be saving yourself if worth effort of getting organized!

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Are your organizational skills subpar? Is this also an area you need to work on? Or maybe you are super organized in all things and can offer up a few tips for us? Either way I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week.

4 thoughts on “3 Desktop Organization Tips for Your Online Business”

  1. Hi SharlaAnn,

    Your desktop organization tips are valuable and useful to me. For this, I’m saving this post in Pocket and also bookmark it. I need it since I have lots of files to arrange and rearrange for easy access. Many times I wouldn’t remember where a particular file is at because of a lack of organization. So, just as organizing your physical office desk is crucial for reducing clutter, your online office organization is also essential.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Moss,
      I am so glad you found them useful, and thank you for letting me know. I think it is something we overlook because the things on our computer are not tangible objects. Could you imagine if all those files were folders piled on your desk? (Should of used this line in the post. LOL) I will admit my actual desk is a mess that also needs taken care of. Stuff just accumulates so quickly that reducing clutter seems to be a never ending task.
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