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1 Awesome Image Compression Tool

1 Awesome Image Compression Tool

Let’s talk image compression.

Yes, I know. I just did a post about this not so long ago. You can read that post on image compression tools here. But we have to talk about it again, for 2 reasons. Which I will get to shortly.

First, I just want to make sure everyone understands the importance of compressing your image files before uploading them to your site.

Compressing image files reduces the size of the file, smaller files equals faster load time of your web pages. This helps your SEO ranking. It also keeps your visitors happy, no one has time to sit around waiting for a web page to load.

Ok, now that we have covered that let’s talk about the real reason I had to write another post on image compression tools.

Fan Mail

Well, right after I published my last post on this topic a reader contacted me via my contact form on this blog. I was thrilled as usually people contact me through commenting on the blog post or through one of my social media channels. The fact that this person used the contact form was kind of exciting for me. I was also super happy that it wasn’t spam!

As happy as I was to get my first piece of “fan” mail, the information passed along to me has been even more mind-blowing. This reader, the one who sent me my first piece of “fan” mail also gave me a lead to this super amazing image compression tool!

If you recall from my first post, especially some of the comments, TinyPNG is definitely a favorite as far as image compression goes. It was also my favorite of the ones that I had tested previously. I have used TinyPNG A LOT!

But, I gotta be honest, I think I have a new favorite.

Website Planet

This image compression tool from Website Planet is spectacular.

My favorite things about it:

  • it’s free with no limit on how many images you can compress
  • accepts large JPG and PNG files, up to 50 MB
  • has 3 compression settings you can choose from
  • drag and drop files to the site
  • works fast

TinyPNG vs Website Planet

I have been doing some comparisons between TinyPNG and Website Planet just to see which one I would like better. I’ll show you what I came up with.

First let’s look at file size. This is a list of all the images I used for my Visme Review. I put all the images through both sites to see it there was a difference in file reduction.

List of images compressed using TinyPNG
Images compressed using TinyPNG.
List of images compressed using Website Planet
The same images compressed using Website Planet.

There is an 8% greater reduction with Website Planet over TinyPNG or 34.7kb. While that might not seem like much for one post when you consider that in about 4 months since I started my blog I already have 116 images it adds up fast.

Now of course image quality is also important so let’s take a look at that as well.

Facebook group cover image compressed with TinyPNG
My Facebook Group Cover compressed with TinyPNG. 1200 x 626 pixels 42.1 kb
SharlaAnn Matyjanka's Facebook group image compressed using Website Planet
Same image, same size as above, compressed using Website Planet. 30.5 kb

As you can see there isn’t enough of a difference that it would matter for most web pages. The image compressed with Website Planet is 11.6 kb smaller.


I have been using the Website Planet tool exclusivly for the last month. It produces smaller, good quality files and overall it works great. I will probably keep using it going forward. So, thank you dear reader for the awesome suggestion!

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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picture of SharlaAnn Matyjankaor send me some fan mail. Either way I would love to here what you think after you have tried it out.

I would also love to here about that time a reader gave you an amazing tip for a product that you now absolutely love. Share what it was. I may love it too!

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